Net worth update 16 June 2018

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Time for another net worth update to keep things interesting! My saving rate improved this month as I get back to normal programming away from summer vacations. I currently have a year-to-date (YTD) saving rate of 46.03%.


How to compute for saving rate


I like things simple and derive my saving rate by dividing my YTD expenses from my YTD income and then subtract the same from 1 (or 100%).   Depending on how you log your cash flow, money that was not spent in expenses is saved or placed in deposit or equity accounts or placed in assets, leaving you a ratio of your savings vis a vis YTD income (your saving rate).


My current net worth is


PhP 2,387,000.00 / USD 45,903.85 (@52perUSD)

This is comprised of:
Real estate 45.37%
Stocks etc. (includes government bonds) 20.99%
Cash (includes time deposit certificates) 18.33%
Car 13.22%
Retirement account 2.09%


Looking at the numbers now, I highly doubt I’ll make it to the three million mark before 2019. Our real estate exposure is definitely high at 45.37% and comes with periodical costs in terms of association dues* and real property taxes. Moreover, there is an improvement that needs to be done in one property so that will require a capital outlay. But here’s to always hoping for the best!

Have you calculated your net worth lately?


*Among the perks of getting a unit located in a building without an elevator are super low association dues. I pay only PhP 770.00 /USD 14.80 for mine every month. This is something to consider when buying a condo unit. Fortunately, our other real estate properties do not require the payment of association dues.


3 thoughts on “Net worth update 16 June 2018

  1. Thank you George! Rates of return vary from 15%, 6% and 4%. There are limits on the accounts with the 15% and 6% returns, so any excess interest or dividends are deposited in the 4% accounts. Hope this helps.


  2. Hi George! Yes, my current net worth is PHP 3,812,618.23 / USD 70,851.98 (@ 52 per USD).

    This is comprised of:
    Cooperatives 91.54%
    Real estate 4.59%
    Stocks etc. 3.67%
    Cash 0.21%

    I don’t track my expenses but my savings rate is 20% of my compensation income.

    Assets have an average interest of 7.87% per year, and all interest income are reinvested.

    Thank you for your blog! I learn a lot and appreciate your honesty. 🙂


    1. Thanks for dropping by EJ. Hope you keep tracking your net worth with me you’re doing great! I noticed most of your asset portfolio is in cooperative shares. how is the return ? As a coop member myself I’m curious as I’ve been pretty passive with my coop activity.


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