Paris Je t’aime

After a long haul flight (about 16 hours with a layover in Hongkong) we arrived in Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris, which is about an hour away from the city-centre. Peering down my window from the plane, Paris looks flat and uninteresting. There are no mountains or bodies of water.

My impression changed immediately upon arriving within the city-center. The sight of tree-lined streets and renaissance architecture evokes romantic feelings even from a cynic. Not one structure looks alike. Each café, brasserie, boulangerie or even an office building is done in a distinct way and the materials used appear to be stone, brick and glass. Within the city-center, there appears to be a form of ordinance which requires newly-constructed buildings to adhere to the style of architecture of surrounding structures. This became apparent as we passed by one building currently under construction with a photo of its planned façade. In a way, Paris architecture is homogenous.

After walking along the river Seine and watching birds playing along it, I can see why many artists flock to the Seine to find inspiration. The entire city itself is art with its people to serve as a backdrop (also the actual paintings / sketches being peddled by street vendors are art lol).  Parisians in general seem pleasant, despite their contrary reputation. I must disclose that I’m pretty much all smiles too so that must be a factor there. Other than the usual bonjour and merci, I did not attempt to learn and speak their language as some cultures tend to become offended when you mimic their accent.


But , photos speak louder than words.  Here are some photos of the city.

Passport holder
Skip walking up the Eiffel (it’s not that tall anyway and queueing for the elevator takes forever) and view it from the Trocadero


Skip the long(er) lines to the Louvre by using this entrance.
Why the sad face? Tuilleries Garden.
I do love to hang out like a local


Narrow streets of Paris
Palais Royal columns
Jardin du Palais





The Latin Quarter


As a caveat, these sights do not represent the entire Paris. A few meters away from the Arc de Triomphe lies the business district with its towering skyscrapers and city lights.




You can’t come to Paris and not see Versailles, which is about 45 minutes outside of Paris.



After Versailles we took a wrong turn and ended up at an outlet store an hour away.  150 Euro-deliberate-cab ride away to the La Vallee Village where you can find premium stores such as Valentino, Gucci,  Armani, etc.



A drive through the french countryside shows its sprawling plains and farms trickled with windmills.   We dropped by the beautiful town of Beaune in Burgundy,  wine region of France.  Walking around town, you half-expect Brad Pitt to jump out with his army tank!

Beaune Burgundy


Wildly-colored mustard in green , reds, brown etc. from Dijon, France, which specializes in well, mustard.


What do you love most about Paris?




2 thoughts on “Paris Je t’aime

  1. Great photos. I’m excited to see a photo of the actual statue of Cain at the Tuileries Garden. I featured it on one of my blog posts.


    1. Thanks Menard, will check out that one. Cain is just among the many beautiful sculptures in the Tuilleries. It would’ve been lovely to just sit all day by the pond there were it not a favorite hangout of the pickpockets


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