Net worth update 12 February 2018

Maya restaurant in Crossroads, Banilad, Cebu

It’s that time of the month again to keep me in check! In my last update I mentioned that I parked my funds in the bank while deciding what to do with it. I ended up adding to my stock portfolio.

My current net worth is


PhP 2,169,661.35 / USD 43,393.22


It is comprised of:

Real estate 49.92%
Cash 23.52%
Stocks etc 16.7%
Car value 9.9%


At almost 24% cash and 16% equities I am now closer to my desired asset allocation of 35% cash and 35% equities, or a more liquid asset allocation. I previously explained in my last update the merits of liquidity especially in this uncertain political and economic climate.


The problem with liquidity is the ease of spending


Ask any random lotto player out there and all they wish for is multi/ million pesos in cash. Sure, cash is great but a potential downside of holding most of your assets in cash is it’s so easily accessible for spending! Try looking up past lotto winners and you’ll see their interesting financial failure stories of how they received hundreds of millions in cash but lost them all quickly.

As this is a personal finance blog I will share my issue with liquidity. For instance, I was out and about this weekend carrying around PhP 50,000.00/USD 1,000.00 in cash. On a typical day I barely carry any cash on me but this was different as I planned to do some banking transactions (i.e to increase liquidity). I made the mistake of passing by a mall to meet family.* Two hours later I left that mall with a brand-new camera, which of course I paid in cash. Definitely an unplanned purchase.


Liquidity and the erroneous impulse to rush things


To put this in context I had been contemplating on getting a camera for an upcoming overseas trip. I have been relying on my phone camera for the longest time. Unfortunately the camera on my current phone is about to give up on me. It would be a waste of good memories if I don’t properly document my next trip.** However, I did plan to defer getting the camera to next month in order to ease this month’s expenses, which I anticipate to be high as we’re going to be paying for plane tickets and tour packages.

As you can tell, I ended up getting that camera sooner than planned. If I hadn’t carried around so much cash, I would have waited before getting the camera. Similarly, I feel that if I’m too liquid I run the risk of buying another piece of real estate again, prematurely. While frugal husband and I do plan to eventually buy more real estate, we don’t plan to do it within the next five years. We prefer waiting so we can buy in cash or at least prepare a substantial down-payment (50% or more).

Nonetheless, I will continue on with this experiment and try to reach that 35-35% liquidity. In the meantime I have resolved to avoid making trips to the mall! Haha.

Have you calculated your net worth lately?



*What a rookie mistake! I often avoid hanging out at malls as there’s just too much temptation to spend when one is inside malls. Frugal husband and I prefer hanging outdoors, hiking, running.

**Re-watched videos from my previous trip to Japan and realized what short memory I have! Barely remember all those places and sights we saw, so video really sparked great memories.



5 thoughts on “Net worth update 12 February 2018

  1. That’s true about malls! I once read a book (Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping) and learned how much influence a product’s placement in a shop/boutique can have on a shopper. That’s why when I want to lessen my spending, I also refrain from going to the mall (and eating out). 🙂

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