Net worth update 28 December 2017

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It’s my last net worth update for the year and a time to take stock of what I’ve done with my money this 2017. I must clarify that my net worth updates are and have been exclusive of my husband’s figures. Frugal husband is a millionaire and should I include his assets in this series, I’d have overstepped the two million mark already! However, I’ve previously written how frugal husband is shy about his money matters being exposed to the public.

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Also, this is my personal blog and my personal journey to financial independence and retiring early (or FIRE, as the pf community calls it). So I would be cheating myself of this adventure if I latched on to my husband’s money matters.

My net worth is

PhP 1,890,858.97 / USD 37,817.18


It is comprised of :
Real estate 57.28%
Stocks and etc 17.13%
Cash 16.03%
Car value (less 20% depreciation and interest expense) 9.57%

Looking back, it partially alarmed me at first how most of my assets are sunk in real estate. As you know, real estate / real properties are illiquid assets. They are difficult to dispose / sell in times of a need for cash (like an emergency / illness, job loss). In Cebu City, I’ve observed with my novice eyes that while there’s a lot of real estate being listed for sale/ for assume, nobody or at least, not a lot of people, seem to be buying. The reason why the bulk of my assets are in real estate is my choice to fully pay in cash the real properties that I’ve purchased.

This year was quite eventful in that I fully paid one real property and experienced its turnover. I bought 50% of a car and took on my first consumer loan / mortgage. I experienced some career indecision but eventually moved to a new and better job. I am still enjoying that honeymoon phase with frugal husband. We experience all the comforts* that life has to offer and enjoy married cohabitation.

On the flipside, I didn’t reach my second million in 2017 due to a delay in initial salary. I’m currently living mostly on my cash dividends and feeling what it’s like to be retired with no active income. Hehe. I am some ways away from two million, or precisely, PhP 109,000.00/ USD 2,182.00 away from two million. I’m quite close to it! Let’s see if I reach my goal or hopefully surpass it in 2018.

For 2018, I will focus on increasing my retirement funds. Apart from the short-term decamillionaire goals, FIRE is always at the back of my mind. It would be great to reach FIRE someday.

What are your goals this 2018?



*Or at least that’s how we perceive it haha. We don’t indulge in much luxury as we are content with every little joy that comes our way. As I always say, frugal husband and I live a simple life.


6 thoughts on “Net worth update 28 December 2017

  1. I started tracking my net worth again after ignoring it for the better part of this year to focus on debt payment. I opted to not include my car value though, since we have a 10 year old car and I don’t know how to valuate it. Also, I didn’t want to account for the yearly depreciation.

    For 2018, my primary goal for the first quarter is to demolish majority of my consumer debts, then for the rest of the year it will be about building up my emergency funds and paying extra towards my mortgage loans.

    Best of luck to the both of us!

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    1. Thanks Jill! All the best to you too! Edit: Napa isip tuloy ako about the car valuation thing once it inevitably reaches 5+ years old! I might do the same as you and remove the car value altogether from my net worth calculation siguro? we’ll see if it becomes too tedious to account for depreciation, I will remove the car value 😊


      1. Thanks for the link Jill! Unfortunately there’s no similar site we can consult to approximate car values. for the first five years of the car, I think I’ll just do the accounting way and account for acquisition cost less interest expense and depreciation cost for every subsequent year.


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