Net worth update 21 September 2017

Coffee dream Cebu

Rain is pouring hard outside this little coffee shop where frugal husband and I are currently staying for FH to study. It’s been quite a wet start to the ber months I hope everyone’s staying dry!

My current net worth is


PHP 1,881,849.44


This is broken down as follows:
Real estate 43.04%
Cash 25.52%
Car 19.77%
Stocks etc 9.02%
Retirement account 2.66%

I’m about PhP 120,000.00 away from the 2M mark. I hope to reach it by December but I doubt I will. I just accepted a position at another government agency. I start in a month or so. I’m very excited to make the switch as I will be taking on more responsibility and a little bump in pay.

While I was tempted to make the switch to corporate law, the corporations in question just couldn’t give me the price I want. With compounding interest in deposits, I just couldn’t honestly justify to myself accepting a substantial pay cut. Maybe later, but not now.

What I don’t look forward to is the delay in payment of the initial salary, which can take two or more months from your start date! This is, unfortunately, the norm for government agencies. Add to that the holding of your last pay from your last employer. So I expect the need to use my emergency fund for a while. This is why I doubt reaching the 2M mark by December.

However, once the initial pay is released, it would feel like a huge windfall. It will hopefully take me way past my 2M goal.

Have you calculated your net worth lately?




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