11 thoughts on “How to open a PERA account with analysis of charges

    1. Hi frt, it’s BPI Wealth Management who handled my account opening and not a specific branch. You may try what I did.
      After I emailed BPI (through their website see link in article), it was BPI’s employee here in Cebu who got in touch with me. Meetings are held at your preferred BPI branch (or wherever branch the BPI investment counselor is assigned) Cebu only acts to coordinate submission of your docs to BPI Manila because the BPI PERA-Accredited people are only Manila-based for now. NOTE that no money changes hands. ONLY DOCUMENTS are submitted. BPI only credits your bpi account.


  1. I’m still waiting for more players to enter as administrator. Hopefully by then, the market will be more competitive and the administration fee will be way below 1% of contribution. I swear, the fees we’re slapped with when investing in the Philippines are ridiculous! That’s why we need more people to invest and more investing companies to foster robust competition.


    1. Adopting a wait and see stance for now? 😃
      Fees can be steep for piece-meal investing Jill. While one may contribute as low as PhP 1,000.00 per month, this only increases the administrator’s profit. So I opted a large cash out upon opening of account. I willingly subjected myself as a guinea pig just to see how this PERA is implemented in reality 😃


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