Rockstar directory of personal finance blogs and bloggers’ net worth worldwide

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As a personal finance (“pf”) enthusiast, I’m an avid consumer of pf blogs. I enjoy reading how others manage their money and I am hugely motivated by others’ accomplishments too. Reading pf blogs allows you to also learn from others and their mistakes, if any.

There are many Pinoy pf bloggers out there, but none of them hold much credibility for me as they share no personal details on their own money situation. The bulk of them try to sell you insurance! Ugh. An ad masquerading as a pf blog is the worst.

So far, the Pinoy bloggers who share their actual numbers have been Pinasforgood and ithecorporateslave. Nevertheless, some of my favorite pf bloggers are:

(1) Fellow lawyer Jill Sabitsana, the frugal honey who shares her net worth in asset allocation percentages.  So far, she is one of the few  Pinoy lawyers I know who isn’t coy about money and the only other lawyer-pf-blogger (other than me) here in the Philippines.

(2) Recent fellow millionaire Maven at ithecorporateslave, who breaks down her net worth in detail (see link above)

(3) Not exactly a pf blogger but at times does write about money Edelweiza at lifeinmanila ; and

(4) Menard, who is a Filipino national of American citizenship based in the USA, is a US dollar millionaire before 50.

After reading Pinoy pf blogs you will inevitably wonder how others in the world manage their money. ERN at earlyretirementnow is a wonderful resource for those in early retirement and who wonder about safe withdrawal rates.

If you’re ready to take it to the extreme, ERE, who retired before 30 years old, has some definite extreme action items for you to do, like living on a frugal diet of veggies and soups alone.  Whenever I feel the need to restrain my shopping tendencies,  I turn to earlyretirementextreme to remind myself of what really matters.

I visit thefinancialdiet from time to time because of its girly aesthetic. Its articles are varied too.

In Europe, themustachianpost tracks pf bloggers’ saving rates around the world.

If you largely wish to see who is the wealthiest pf blogger in the world, J$ and his hardworking team over at Rockstar Finance maintain the only detailed database of pf bloggers in the world! Bloggers and their corresponding net worth are published on said site.

The site isn’t merely a database but a dynamic one–you can use the drop-down menu to sort per country, profession, age and status (DINK, SINK, etc) among others. Sort your profession there and you may just see how similarly situated professions do on the net worth scale.

Other than me (lol), which pf bloggers do you follow?



8 thoughts on “Rockstar directory of personal finance blogs and bloggers’ net worth worldwide

  1. Just saw this, thanks a looot for the mention! 🙂 You’re right, you and Jill are the only Pinoy lawyers I know who write a pf blog here in the PH. I love reading pf blogs, too, because I really learn a lot from them and pf is a topic close to my heart. Plus, the authors behind pf blogs share a common goal which is financial freedom, and that’s what I want to achieve, too. Keep writing and inspiring people, George! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thanks for the link, George!

    I really wish I began my blog anonymously so that I can be more upfront with my numbers, like what you and Maven are doing.

    But I did publish my current debt for all the interweb to feast on. Being coy about money is so last season:p

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