Review of Snowbowls dessert


Summer is finally here! The days are longer as the nights get shorter. We bid goodbye to the cooler breeze of the monsoon. So long sweater weather, hello bikini!

As the temperature rises, we need to hydrate. And I just found the most adorable place to do just that. Enter Snowbowls – a dessert place located at Raintree Mall Cebu. It prepares snowy, yummy and pretty desserts that are just too adorable to even eat!

Snowbowls menu


I found Snowbowls while I was running errands in the Mango Avenue area. The interiors was a welcome retreat from the sweltering heat outdoors. The square footage was quite micro, less than 20 square meters thereabouts.


However, despite the lack of space, there’s no stuffy feeling as the walls are painted in white and the décor was light. The ceiling drop lightbulbs changed colors but the music could’ve been better.


The shaved ice dessert
I ordered the matcha flavored shaved ice dessert (forgot name). It tasted mild, not too sweet and there is texture from the mallows and cereal. It was certainly refreshing.

Magic spoon changes color upon coming into contact with the “snow”

What could be improved
The employees behind the counter prepare your dessert. this means that they handle your money and then prep the food. That’s not very sanitary.


I liked that the prep area is visible to the customer. The employees should be required to wear a mask or something. My dessert was prepared by an employee who was literally coughing (didn’t cover her mouth) into the block of ice that she had just taken out from the freezer. The girl had no regard at all for sanitation.

The space is a tight fit

Nevertheless, I enjoyed my time at Snowbowls. Perfect way to beat the heat this summer.

Have you been to Snowbowls?



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