Pinoy Money Confessions: I’m 31 and have always lived with my parents

Shaka, a Hawaiian-themed bar and restaurant in IT Park,  Cebu City 

It’s time for another money confession! Our reader, THE ATTIC GUY, sent in this email, posted in verbatim below.

Hi George,

I’m a very shrewd guy. I’m 31 years old but I still live with my parents. I am currently working as a government employee, working at a stable job, earning about PhP 18,000.00 (USD 360.00) NET a month, here in the Philippines.

I’ve been living at home with my parents since forever. The only time I was away was due to a remote assignment for work, but I still go back to live with my parents. My parents pay for everything – from Internet, electricity, water, laundry. So basically I am a free loader.

But despite being a free loader, I help my parents with minor and below major expenses like when my parents borrow money from me to buy appliances, etc. But that’s it.

I mooched on my parents for years. However, I never squander my earnings. All my money went to my savings. I don’t buy brand new clothes, most of my clothes are from ukay-ukay. My favorites are second hand clothes from Korea.

I don’t buy shoes that are above PhP 2,000.00, shirts that are above PhP 300.00. But I do buy expensive clothes when the job and situation demand it.

My parents, even with my obvious mooching off them, they don’t mind, they even encourage it. They also encourage me to save more!

My message to your readers is that it’s not always bad to live at home as long as you have a saving objective. You also have to spend for your family, at least sometimes like to replace home appliances or help with buying the parents’ medicine.

I lived at home for 31 years. In that time I was able to buy two properties – one commercial city property and one farm land. I’m proud to say that I’m 31 but still live at home!!

I’m kuripot (frugal).



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