Poll: How I fund my date this valentine’s


So many ideas are swirling in my head for valentine’s day. I have romantic notions of showing my frugal husband the love and care that he has generously showered me with! However, frugal husband is quick to tell me not to waste money on a gift for him! Instead of a gift, he wants that money to be invested in our stock brokerage account! i.e. buy shares of stock instead, in order to show my looove. Hehe..

It can be so easy to get carried away during this season of hearts. Many will probably spend or even overspend and stretch their budget way beyond their means. It got me thinking, how are you funding your date this valentine’s? For the single ones, how are you funding your girls’ or boys’ night out this valentine’s?


4 thoughts on “Poll: How I fund my date this valentine’s

  1. Valentine’s Day is my partner’s birthday, so we (I) choose to celebrate that instead. One of my favorite things we have done on Feb 14 was stay at home. It was really cold, so I turned the heat up much higher than the normal 65 degrees I try to keep it set at. I made him a Caribbean chicken stew and bought all the ingredients for caipirinhas (the national cocktail of Brazil.) We even made mock caipirinhas for his son so he could join in. We tried to pretend we were somewhere warm and near a beach even though there was snow on the ground.

    The meal cost more than we normally would have spent for an at home dinner (we don’t usually have cocktails) but definitely less than going out, and also more fun. It was a nice way to celebrate as a family.

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    1. What a romantic but inexpensive way to celebrate valentine’s Jax! I love it!

      A joint celebration is a great way to save on money. I plan to do a joint birthday get together for our family as well as my birthday as well as my husband’s, are only days apart


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