Things I learned before 30


In a mere few days,  I shall be turning 30!  I am excited,  for sure.  I always envisioned 30 to be the time when I’ll become more confident and fearless,  unaffected by other people’s opinions while carving my own path in this world.  Hopefully,  I’m on my way there!

Sure, the blog name might be little inappropriate already.   I was thinking of renaming it to forever20somethinglawyer.  What do you guys think?

In the almost three decades I’ve lived in this world,  I’ve learned a few things:

1. If a guy really likes you, he will find a way to see you. 

There’s no such thing as a busy schedule,  strict parents,  or even a lack of money or energy – If a guy wants to be with you, he will come see you, whether bagyo or not!  Frugal husband once told me na walang bagyong makakapigil sa kanya,  he will come see me coz he wants to see me!  So even if there was a storm signal no. 2 in Cebu,  he still came by my house to see me.

2.  Being single (I’m talking civil status so covered kahit may boyfriend haha!) is YOUR time to enjoy,  have fun and explore. 

I totally enjoyed my single life.   I made some major dating mistakes (LDR never again!) and I dated some guys who were just totally wrong for me and some who were just great.  But I dated!   I put myself out there and just had fun!  I have mostly no  regrets.

My one regret was being in long term relationship.  No girl should ever suffer that long! Hahahaha.   Being in your twenties should be a time to be single and just mingle.  Who knows what you’ll be like as you mature,  your current long term bf might not be compatible with you anymore.  It would just be sad if you had stuck with one guy and missed out on the opportunity to see what kind of other guys the world has to offer.

Caveat though:  I had good clean,wholesome dating fun!  This means my dates were just going to lunches, dinners,  coffee, movies.  Physical contact is kept to a minimum because OMG HIV/AIDS is majorly prevalent in the Philippines!

3.  Your taste in guys will change as you advance in age.

Hence, the necessity to reconsider your long term bf. Haha!  I learned that as I got older my needs, preferences and wants changed.  I thankfully outgrew my attraction to that long-haired,  ruggedly handsome dude who plays a musical instrument or loves to do art.  As your tastes change, you may want to consider exploring outside your relationship.   Breakups are tough and scary,  but it will be worth it to see what is out there!

4.  The longer you retain your physical mystery,  the better. 

This is a little self-explanatory but what I’m saying is hold off on taking off your pants until you’re sure of your guy. Guys love the chase, and nothing that’s easy could ever be worth it.  Besides,  by holding off, you become more mysterious to the guy,  and a lot sexier in the process too!

What have you learned lately?




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