Just married a millionaire


I’ve been away for a while. A lot has been going on lately. My engagement and wedding planning took most of my time. I didn’t expect these things to take up too much time but they did. Fun problems though.

As an update, I just got married. And no, I won’t thank you if you congratulate me. You should congratulate my husband (as simple etiquette so dictates, you never congratulate a woman because she is the prize and not the man) . I will, however, gracefully thank you for your warm-hearted best wishes!

I married a millionaire. He was my former frugal boyfriend and now he is my frugal millionaire husband. Together, we are quite your standard penny-pinching couple. Lol. To be clear, frugal husband has a net worth of PhP 1,240,000.00. He is quite private and shy so I’m not going to share the details of his assets here.

Our wedding was unexpectedly (because tight budget) beautiful and we tried our best to keep it within the budget. We overstepped it, but not by much. We spent a little time away on a pretty little island for our honeymoon, where we had a blast just swimming with beautiful underwater creatures and even swam with a small shark!

We are now in the process of cohabitation, one of the essential obligations of marriage under the Family Code. It has really been fun to plan and shop for household things. In a week, we will officially move our stuff into our new place! It will be a rental, as the turnover of my condo has been delayed for a year. Oh even the best-laid plans go awry!

You might want to ask. How did I land a millionaire? Wrong question. While most women erroneously judge men on how much money they have, I don’t. I never set out to date a man for his money. I have my own! Lol. I was not raised that way.

Personally, I think one attracts like-minded people. I’m frugal and it so happened that the universe brought me into the life of another frugal person. And we clicked, naturally!

The trick to marrying a millionaire is to NOT look for one. Seems counter-intuitive, but that is what happened to me. I prefer that women AIM to be a millionaire, instead of just landing one!

What do you aim for?

20 something lawyer


9 thoughts on “Just married a millionaire

    1. It definitely helps that my husband is even more kuripot (frugal) than I am!

      It’s crazy. Just last night we were looking at stone ware pans and the sales attendant was so annoyed that we ended up not buying anything hahaha. On the other hand, I was already salivating over that stone ware pan lol


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