Monthly Budget Roundup: Wedding expenses take the cake


My ideal saving rate is 60%. Lately, I’ve been nowhere near that rate. And I don’t mind.

Nowadays, my money mostly goes to wedding preparation expenses. 😊 As I mentioned before, I’m currently engaged to the frugal guy I’m dating.

Allocating and spending money

Once I see my salary enter my bank account , I prepare a budget. I allocate money to specific categories. And then I spend accordingly.

Evaluating my spending habits

At the end of the month, I evaluate where my money actually went (as opposed to where the money was allocated). On average, my largest expenses were for household costs.


Wedding expenses take the cake!

After reviewing my actual expenses this month, I found out that most of my money was spent for wedding preparation expenses. My second largest expenses were for household costs i.e. rent, phone plan etc. This was certainly a deviation from my normal spending behavior.

Getting married can be expensive. I am lucky because frugal boyfriend is paying for majority of the costs. I contribute of course, wherever I can. However, the costs (wedding dress, shoes, honeymoon costs, etc.) tend to creep up and add up. The good thing about paying for things as they come up is that it is analogous to paying on installment. Eventually, the principal costs will diminish, resulting to a smaller payout at the end.

As the wedding date gets closer, we are excited to start our life together. I am well aware that our costs will consolidate once the wedding is done and have set aside a certain amount to cover costs if ever we go over frugal boyfriend’s budget. In that way, I play back up to frugal boyfriend just in case. I feel that financially, we are prepared for the rest of our life together and that adds to our excitement. 😊

What was your largest expense this month?

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