Rockport T-strap Shoe Review


As a lawyer, I have to dress a certain way in the course of practicing my profession. “Your Money or Your Life” calls it a “costuming cost.” Call it corporate wear, business wear, I call it, conservative dressing. It can get pretty dull being all wrapped up and one avenue to express myself is through a pair of shoes!

On weekdays, I live in heels because I’m not very tall (about 5’3.5”) and generally clothes look much better with heels. I’ve been wearing heels since college so I’m pretty adept at walking in them. Through the years I have tried and tested several shoe brands.

In picking out heels, two things are important, comfort and looks. Comfort is key when one is shuffling between meetings and hearings to sitting in the office drafting pleadings. Looks, on the other hand, will take the boring out of any shoe.


I recently purchased a pair of black T-strap Mary Jane Rockport heels. On first impression from the shoe rack, the shoes look like a pair of classic Mary Janes with 3inch heel. The design is classic with a black leather exterior.


The joy comes when you put on the shoes. They feel like pure heaven. These shoes have the thickest insole cushion I have ever seen in a pair of shoes. (caveat though, this style is a little more pricey than other Rockport heels) The interior arch support is great too, perfect for a wide-footed person like me.

Walking in these shoes feels like walking in flats. They feel so balanced and weigh like nothing. After a full day at the office, I didn’t feel any soreness in my feet at all.

One thing I noticed though is that my small toe tends to get squished against the leather interior (I guess it’s a necessary consequence of being wide-footed). It’s a slight inconvenience but bearable as the shoe doesn’t rub, it perfectly fits and stays in place.

Another drawback is the price; this pair costs about PhP 7,000.00. However , I got these shoes on sale. So far, the value for money is good, considering I wear these all the time because they’re that comfortable. My feet are certainly happy.

What do you think of Rockport shoes? Are they worth the money?

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