Date a guy, not his car


In college I came across a lot of girls who were “BMW” or babaeng mahilig sa wheels (girls who are into wheels).  There seemed to be an erroneous public perception that college guys who drove to school in their cars are a definite catch because he and his family are loaded.  In the Philippines, a car costs almost 10 times the minimum wage so car owners aren’t commonplace.

Back then I didn’t believe in dating a guy for his money, and I hold that same belief until now.  I don’t like to judge people for how much money they have, I only looked for one main quality- that a guy be responsible.  Looks and muscles are just a bonus. *winks*  On a serious note, I do believe in being independent and making my own money, independent of any guy’s money.

All this aside, I believed back then that my college friends were wrong to think this way.  It is the guy’s bank statement that should make the man, and not his car.  After all, the bank statement contains actual numbers that will show how much the guy is actually worth.

 In economics, I was taught to quantify economic indicators by applying math and complicated calculus.  From those numbers, one can then analyze and draw conclusions. 

Thus, judging a guy’s worth by his car skews your perception.  You overestimate a guy’s net worth because:  (a) the parents purchased the car (not the guy);  (b) using the parents’ money; and (c) it is the guy’s parents who bear the actual cost of maintaining and gassing up the car.  As a result of this skewed perception, girls end up with a guy who actually has zero to negative net worth.

In grown-up terms at our age (millenials) , dating a guy for the sole reason that he has  a nice car skews your perception of his actual net worth.  Simply put, just because a guy drives a nice car doesn’t always mean he’s got money to burn, girl!  First, a car is a depreciating asset, which loses 20% of its value the moment you drive it off the lot.

Second, it is a huge red flag if a guy has a nice car but still rents OR still lives with his mom!  It is reasonable to assume that in between car loan payments, gas, insurance and maintenance costs, this guy CANNOT afford to buy a home girl!   Third, with all those payments, god knows how much debt this guy has!  

So buyer beware.  Don’t judge a guy for his car alone.  It is the bank account (or well, you know, real property, cash, stocks, bonds, actual assets) that makes the man.

But as I previously said, it is always better to make your own money girl!  Time to make that first million!


20 something lawyer


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