Pinoy Money Confessions: OFW’S wife mismanages money


As emailed to 20 something lawyer.  English translations provided for areas where Filipino words were used.
*OFW – Overseas Filipino Worker

Hi attorney,

I am filled with regret. I feel like I let so much money slip away and literally just gambled it away at casinos.

I am a housewife based in Cebu and married to a seafarer, who is of 2nd mate rank. My husband made good money. It allowed me to stay at home and raise the kids. We bought a house fully paid and bought a car.

We were happy. Until I met some friends who introduced me to casinos. I discovered the joys and highs of winning big money! I didn’t realize it, but I had lost more money gambling than I gained at winning. I went home at odd hours of night or day. I was that enamored with hanging out with friends at the casino.

Clearly, I was getting in the red. I tried to win back my money by borrowing. This was easy to do with the loan sharks lurking at the casino. There are atms scattered too, to make it easier for one to withdraw more money.

Eventually, I borrowed from others outside the casino. I put other things on collateral – including our car. Luckily, my husband made so much money, it was easy for me to pay off my gambling debts. Not all debts were paid—for the unpaid ones, the creditors went after me and filed collection cases in court against me. I shudder at the pending court cases against me.

Eventually, my husband found out. We had a huge fight but I’m glad he didn’t leave me. Our kids were growing up too but I barely noticed.

Now we are older. My husband can no longer get jobs abroad because of old age. I have to resort to buying and selling stuff to make money. Right now I operate a small sari-sari store to make money.

I still go to the casino, while my husband stays unemployed. I still have several pending court cases against me. The only fortunate thing is we only have one more child who hasn’t completed her college studies yet. My other two children are now working. I’m hoping they can help my husband and me in our old age.

I’m sorry to say there isn’t a lesson learned at the end of this email. I am only filled with regret but still hang on to my gambling habit. You asked for a confession, and here it is.



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