The Filipino guy’s dating style


As a caveat, I am by no means a dating expert. However, I have dated and I have dated Filipinos. So for the curious, and those contemplating a Filipino boyfriend, let me share the Filipino guy’s typical dating style.

The coy approach

Filipino guys usually take the coy approach when trying to talk to a girl for the first time. Unlike westerners, who are aggressive and won’t hesitate to initiate a conversation, the Filipino guy will beat the bush, in one way or another, until he finally gets the courage to talk and ask for your number (quite stealthily, I might add).

The first date

The most infuriating thing about pinoy guys is they usually ask the girl where she wants to go! Hello, this is the first date. I prefer a guy who takes charge. Anyway, this depends on your preference.

The in-between

If both of you had a great time, the Filipino guy generally doesn’t hesitate to text /call you right after the date. They don’t usually play the waiting game. They’re quite upfront.

The courtship

A Filipino guy likes the chase. They are traditional pinoy and prefer the Maria Clara ideal of a girl. They want obedience, loyalty, meekness. Or so they think. I understand that the Filipino guy will accept a girl as she is, as long as he is in love with her.

In keeping with tradition, the Filipino guy will court you. He will put his best foot forward and take you to nice places, dinners. There will be romantic gestures such as flowers and chocolates.

The asking

You are not officially exclusive until both parties expressly agree. The only way you can tell? Once you’ve been asked to be his girl. And then you say yes.

Meeting the family

The family’s central importance in Filipino culture becomes apparent when you’re eventually asked to meet the parents. Apparently for guys, this is a big deal.

As a Filipino girl dating a Filipino guy, I feel quite lucky. The Filipino guy is tough on the outside but sweet on the inside.

Have you ever dated a Filipino guy?


A big shout out to the frugal guy I’m dating

20 something lawyer


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