Net worth update as of 25 August 2016


Well, it’s certainly been a while since I reached my first million. I avoided posting a net worth update since then because I didn’t want to fall into complacency from an inflated balance.

My balance would be inflated because money is certainly earmarked for wedding costs. And the costs are certainly high. While frugal boyfriend was nice enough to pay for our wedding, I volunteered to shoulder some of the costs. Thus, my net worth wouldn’t entirely be mine as some portion must be used for my upcoming wedding.

However, considering that I already started paying out some of the wedding costs, it now seems reasonable to post an update. Also, I wish to continue keeping myself accountable to an audience. Allow me to share my current net worth.

PhP 1,104,065.83

This is broken down as follows:

Cash 40%
Equity 26.8%
Stocks 31.4%
Real property 1.7%

I sacrificed some liquidity in order for  a new asset class to enter my net worth – real property in the form of a parcel of land. I have a condo (which is also real property)  but land is even better. I increased my stock holdings to 31.4% from 29.41%.

I’m currently on a quest to reach the 2 million net worth mark by 2017. 2016 is almost over but net worth growth is slow. This can be attributed to major wedding expenses that I had to pay for.

Wedding expenses were surprisingly high. The seemingly little things do add up, despite efforts to keep costs down. I was quite surprised.

Hopefully after the wedding, expenses would stabilize and I can get back to focusing on growing my net worth.

Have you ever calculated your net worth?

To 2 million!

20 something lawyer


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