Craziest thing I did for money

Mid-year stock market briefing because a girl’s gotta keep being updated!

I often held odd jobs while in college-some related to my college major, others were not. Fortunately my college friends were self-sufficient girls who made their own money on the side for the occasional shopping and such and their self-sufficient trait rubbed off on me.

All this spare money from odd jobs eventually added up! I saved a substantial amount of money after college (20% of total earnings, who knew I could have so much teen discipline!). So what’s the craziest thing I did for money? WORK of course! Haha.

I have to say my craziest job was being a product promo person/ girl (in keeping with gender neutral writing). I had a summer off and had no vacay plans. A friend hooked me up and so I was off.

The job. A promo person pushes products onto consumers. You essentially act as a walking advertisement. We sometimes sold products, but priced usually so low because the whole point of the sale is to expose the unsuspecting public to the product being promoted.

The work place. We were stationed at a grocery store somewhere in the south of Cebu. The area is one with lots of foot traffic and attracted people to our booth at all times of the day.

The uniform. I’m guessing, the skirts that we were made to wear also helped in attracting customers too. Haha. Other than that, we were expected to wear makeup and well generally, look pretty.

The pay. We were paid about PhP 500.00 per day (this was way more than the minimum daily wage at that time). Not bad for a day of just sitting around and passively advertising.

Looking back, I cannot believe I worked as a promo girl /person (like one of those usually seen lurking in malls). But hey, don’t knock it till you try it. The pay is great and you acquire firsthand marketing experience and the ability to handle “kulit” or annoying people.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for money?

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