Unlimited coffee at Abaca Company Coffeehouse


Thank god it’s Friday! After a hectic work week I yearn for some time to unwind. I checked out Abaca Company coffeehouse in Paseo Arcenas, Banawa, Cebu City.

Quiet location

Abaca is located in a quiet and residential area in Banawa. It is accessible but certainly far removed from the noise of the city. There aren’t too many people around, just as I like it. As a former law student, I learned to appreciate a quiet café, for studying purposes. 😊

The area of Paseo Arcenas, where Abaca is located, is reminiscent of Matalino street, in Diliman, Quezon City and Salcedo village in Makati, where little cafes and restaurants abound, against a residential /commercial backdrop.

Upcycled structure

I like to spend my me-time at cafés, either reading a good book or just surfing the Internet on any given afternoon. Upon entering , Abaca gives off that cozy vibe, with its warm lighting, set against the industrial vibe of its crate walls.


The building structure of Abaca is quite unique, at least for coffee shops. It is made of an upcycled metal crate (the kind used for shipping), as clearly apparent on the outside. Essentially, you enter a metal box. However, that feeling of metal vanishes once inside. The lighting is warm and gives a cozy feel. The walls are covered in what feels like white-painted wood and the ceiling height isn’t too restrictive.

The tables are of solid wood with metal chairs. These chairs were surprisingly comfortable and were just the right height, paired with the table.

The food

There are times when you just need real food from your coffee shop. Luckily, Abaca does real food. It serves American breakfast food and filling sandwiches.

Abaca also serves pastry and cake. It serves unlimited coffee at a mere PhP 60.00. As a casual coffee drinker, I found the coffee to have that full flavor and nice aroma. It was quite strong too.

The service

This café aims to please. Tables have dedicated charging outlets (one for a conventional plug and another for USB-direct charging). The wifi speed is fast.


The staff are actually knowledgeable of their menu and have a basic grasp of the kind of food they serve, once inquired. Most importantly, they serve with a smile.

I will be back Abaca! 😊 I’m very excited for other Cebu cafés to step up their game.

Have you tried Abaca?

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