Pinoy Money Confessions: Chained to my debt

My debt caught up with me

Before I knew it, my salary deductions started to add up. After my debt payments were AUTOMATICALLY deducted from the salary that enters my payroll account, I was left with only PhP 5,000.00 (USD 106.00) per month, or PhP 2,500 (USD 53.00) every two weeks! … More Pinoy Money Confessions: Chained to my debt


Lawyers are human too

Consider outgoing US Solicitor General Don Verrilli’s five-figure credit card debt! How could a former law partner have so much debt? I suspect his USD 4 million net worth may not be quite so liquid. US judge Sonia Sotomayor is deep in her five-figure dentist bill debt and credit card debt. She has a six -figure income! … More Lawyers are human too