Sharing the love this Christmas


Every year since college I visit either an orphanage or home for the elderly and share some love in the form of food and gifts. For the past three years, it’s been an orphanage. Handing out the food and presents just fills my heart with joy. The first few times that I visited an orphanage, I burst into tears.

I recall handing out presents (toys) to some school children. I had less time (I was studying law in manila and had limited time in cebu) and less money then because I was also just in school. As much as I wanted to fill the kids’ gift bags to the hilt, I was constrained to limit my budget to just affordable toys.I was therefore surprised to see so much joy in one boy’s face when he unwrapped his toy car. I could feel the tears welling up but composed myself.

When I got in the car, I immediately burst into tears. I couldn’t believe that such a small thing , that costs little money, can bring so much joy to a person. I was touched and felt a new appreciation for the smallest things in life.

After that experience, I’ve done better at controlling my emotions. I have come a long way from being a student and while I still have less time, I have more money to give. The past few working years as a lawyer have allowed me to stuff more things into those gift bags for the kids. I also try to drag my family into this, hehe..Lately, I’ve influenced my sister and her family to join the sharing spirit during Christmas. Last year, they gave out food to some homeless persons. This year, I have enlisted my mom to join and conduct a donut-making seminar for the kids.

Right now, I rest my legs on a chair for a while before I start the whole gift-wrapping process. I just finished shopping for the kids’ presents and food. I’m excited to see their faces this year as they unwrap their presents.


20 something lawyer



Sorry for the stock photo. Lost my orphanage photos from last year. Will take new ones this month and will share them here. 🙂


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