Benefits of dating a frugal boy

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Looking at my married friends, siblings and acquaintances, I noted that most of marital arguments and worries spring from money issues. One partner usually has a different attitude towards money, one likes to spend frivolously while the other likes to budget. Thus, the importance of screening the men we date, before committing ourselves to a lifetime of money squabbles with a partner.

While maybe most women view a man who comes a from a rich family as desirable, I don’t. I have this friend who once gushed about a boy who drove a BMW (his dad’s car) and who lives at a large house in a nice subdivision (his parents’ home). My friend dated that guy all the way from college until they graduated and started working. What does the guy do now? He’s a licensed nurse who still mooches off his parents. Sad.

A life of privilege doesn’t always produce the best incentive to be financially literate. Since I was in college, I always appreciated a guy who is responsible, can take care of himself and have the initiative to better his own life, by himself, without or with minimal help from others.

I’ve had the best luck of dating some pretty frugal and responsible guys (that they were attractive was just an extra bonus 🙂 ). The benefits of dating them are:

(1) Common goal of being financially independent

Having a common goal likewise helped to steer me in the right direction in my spending and budgeting decisions. A good frugal boyfriend dissuaded me from going on a mindless shopping binge, often avoiding dates at the mall. Dates often took place in restaurants, a park, or some other place where there was less temptation to shop.

(2) A feeling of financial security

A frugal guy has investments of his own and can be relied upon to budget his own money. This gives me the comfort of allocating my own money, with the knowledge that we are both on our way to financial independence.

(3) a frugal guy can meet his own needs in the event of an emergency

A frugal guy has an emergency fund. In the event of an unexpected event like illness or unemployment, you can always rely on a frugal guy to take care of himself. This guy won’t be borrowing money from you or his family. He can man it up, financially.

(4) a frugal guy isn’t all hot air

A frugal guy has emergency funds set aside and has an actual net worth that is not entirely dependent on his parents’ bank account. He might not be driving a BMW right now, but the future looks bright for him , a future where he doesn’t grow up to be an adult that still mooches off his parents and living in his parents’ home till the ripe age of 40.

Are you dating a frugal guy?
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